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Hello everyone! Hope you are doing suuuuper good!I told you a few months ago, that after a little running-in, the idea was to have a guestartist/friend. I feel that a nice way to start the year, is that the last week of each month,delightyou with other sounds and musical experiences.There was no better way than to start with the master and mentor, one of the fathers ofDetroit techno who nowadays, is characterized by being a multifacetic figure with astrong self-confidence, able to adapt to any environment and place, situation andemotion. He could be none other than MR. John Aquaviva.I discovered John many years ago, as a musician and dj, a reference of techno musicand positioned among the best international artists, with an incredible history behindhim. Years later, I was lucky to have him as a guest of Carl Cox in several live radioshows on the radiostation and this summer, I have been more lucky to meet John(person). In a strong moment of many changes in my life, his wisdom hashelped me alot to focus on new projects. He has projected his vision and his insatiableentrepreneurial spirit has been contagious.Thank you very much John for being the first guest of ON AIR with Anna Tur. I wishyou much health, love and fortune andmay our paths continue crossing. Much love toyou!
Anna Tur



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